Glass Christmas Decorations-Diy

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching, and we are starting to prepare for it in advance to enjoy the festivities we are doing in honor of this holiday as soon as possible.

Like every year, before I decorate the bard, I take care of the decoration of the jam next to it. I will show you the next steps that I follow and the decoration of the window to introduce it in a Christmas atmosphere.

In the first stage, we have to clean the glass very well of any impurities.

Then we gather all the utensils we need for decoration.

-prints with different Christmas shapes

-spay with artificial snow

Having these, we can start. For the shapes to come out ideally, it would be preferable to need someone’s help.

So we will take shape and put it on the window, and then we will take the spray and spray it to make our Christmas shape.

The result will be the special one that will fit us perfectly in the Christmas atmosphere.

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