Planting tulips

After a long period in which  kept the tulips, it was time to plant them in the garden so that we have our little “Holland in the spring.”

As you well know or not, autumn is the season when we have to plant tulip bulbs, and we can start growing with the updated bulbs and the ones we already had.

Before this step, we have to prepare the land to plant them. Considering my case, we delimited the space where I will plant the tulips with the help of some planks, forming a kind of rectangles at the end. Thus we created a unique space for them.

After this step, I prepared the land where I would plant; I took advantage of visiting my grandparents. I loaded the car with three bags of compost, only suitable for the extraordinary growth of tulips.

I spread the compost in my rectangles, and then I started digging to mix the existing soil with the compost.

After this step, I practically started planting tulip bulbs.

I tried to plant them in a specific order and color palette to create a wow effect when they bloom.

The important thing is that we must consider the tulips’ height to cover the tulips of smaller sizes by the tall ones.

It is up to us to plant them; maybe we can create a certain symmetry or make specific shapes.

In addition to the beautiful tulips, we can also plant Muscari, which will fill the empty sap to form a beautiful whole. Together with the tulips, these small, cute plants will create a  beautiful dream frame in our small garden. As I prepared the ground for planting tulips, I removed last year’s Muscari bulbs and grew them elsewhere, on the edge of my niche that I made especially for tulips.

It is straightforward to form your tulip garden if we consider what has been said. Good luck! See you in tulip month to see the fruits of our labor.

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