Christmas Wreath

We want to decorate the house as beautifully as possible in the winter holidays. To have something unique and different from what we find ready-made, I thought of making my own Christmas wreath.

We need the following things to get started.

– fir branches

-I had ready-made support for the crown, so it was easier for me to form the crown, but you can only do it with the help of the fir branches

-a silicone gun for gluing various things on the crown


-globes in different shapes


-installation on batteries


-Dried fruits

-different decorations

We start by taking fir branches and attaching them to the circle-shaped support to create the crown. To tie these branches, we need wire, preferably less visible.

After that, we will put the installation on the Christmas wreath.

The next step is to put the decorations on the crown, and now we will use the soldering gun or the wire.

We put first the ribbon, continuing with the other decorations.

It is straightforward, and I am sure that the result will make us happy and we admire all the guests.

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