I was recently invited to an anniversary, so I thought of making a floral arrangement using the beautiful chrysanthemums that color my garden this season. When I go to the anniversary, especially concerning the feminine side, a floral arrangement cannot be missing, which will surely give the one who receives it a broad smile. Being invited to a little girl’s birthday, I made a smaller arrangement with more pastel colors. I used some gorgeous miniature salmon-pink roses, white and purple chrysanthemums.

To create this arrangement, we needed the following things:

-the object in which we will make the arrangement can be a decorative box, maybe a pumpkin, being the whole period when we find them at any step or whatever we consider fit and offers a certain concordance.

– a florist foam to stick the flowers in it

-flowers: roses, chrysanthemums, and for the base of the arrangement, I used ivy and dusty miller

Once we have everything ready, we get to work. We put the florist foam in a vase with water to absorb the water in the first phase. After it has absorbed the water, we can put it in the container to make the arrangement. In that container, put a bag to protect it from water that may infiltrate from the sponge. Once we placed the florist foam, we started to make the base of the arrangement. The flowers finally manage to build a harmonious whole.

Going through these straightforward steps, we will enjoy at the end a beautiful floral arrangement made by ourselves.

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