How to plant and grow a cut flower garden?

What is the solution when you want your house to be full of flowers, but you do not want to spend too much buying fresh flowers weekly? A simple solution is to have your garden!
So, if you have a space suitable for planting and a little time available, let’s get to work!
The first step is to make a plan through in-depth documentation and figure out what we want.
First, we need to buy flower seeds and plant them in pots with soil full of nutrients and everything required. The environment should be warmer and sunnier, favoring the rapid growth of flower seedlings.

After the flower seedlings begin to grow, some of them may be very frequent, which would stop their growth due to the lack of space. Then we have to pull them out to be rare and plant them in other pots.

Once the weather has warmed up outside, and our seedlings have grown, we can move on to planting.
The soil must be prepared in advance so that it is suitable for planting flowers. In addition to the seedlings we have prepared, many flower seeds can be planted directly where we will have the cutting garden.

It is essential to give the flowers a suitable fertilizer from the beginning to accelerate their growth.

Once the flowers are planted, it is essential to water them often, especially in the first days, to ensure their catch!
During the growth of plants, we must take into account certain tasks to follow. Some flowers need to be pinched in order to have flowers in abundance and stems as large as possible, which gives us the new opportunity to create bouquets. As I said, watering is an essential task in growing flowers. It would be preferable to keep their moisture constant to help mulch such as straw, shredded leaves, or black landscape fabric applied to the soil surface.
In order for the flowers to produce more and more, it is necessary to use a special liquid organic fertilizer for flowers, as we said at the beginning. Its application will favor constant flowering, so we will enjoy all the time, having a full house of bouquets and floral arrangements.

Some awesome annuals for your cut flower garden:

  1. Zinnias are some of the most common summer flowers that can be found in every flower cutting garden.
    It is a spot of color, which brightens any garden. I think it is the flower that I would never miss, for sure! These are of various sizes, shapes, whether we want them to be dwarf or tall, they can’t help but stand out. The zinnias bloom all summer, even until late autumn, we can still see a zinnia in our garden.
    In order to encourage their flowering for as long as possible and for the stems to grow as large as possible, successive pruning is necessary.

2. Gladiolus are far from present in everyone’s gardens. You can’t help but be attracted to these flowers, by their atypical shape, by the vast colors they offer us. They are not missing from florists when it’s their season and from people’s homes. easy to grow, we just have to buy our bulbs, and then plant them in a sunny place. There is a wide variety of colors, from garnet red, bright pink, yellow, cream, coral to even green. Most varieties of gladiolus are winter-hardy. later you will see the most diverse bouquets that will beautify our homes.Antirrhinum majus(Snapdragon)
Snapdragon, the flower that attracts our attention by its strange shape and by the leathery texture it has and gives it a certain elegance. When it is closed but also open, it resembles the mouth of a dragon, hence its name. This is a perennial flower, which means we can enjoy it for a long time.

3. Antirrhinum majus(Snapdragon)

Snapdragon is the flower that attracts you by its strange shape and leathery texture. When the snapdragon is closed but also open, it resembles a dragon’s mouth, hence its name. Snapdragon is a perennial flower, which means we can enjoy it for a long time.

4. Sunflowers

It cannot be missing from a majestic garden to cut the sunflower. If we want the sun to touch us with a ray of sunshine as close to us as possible, the solution is a sunflower. There are two main types of sunflower: single stem and branched. Both shapes are equally beautiful, but unlike the one that makes a single flower, so we can enjoy it only once, I go to the one with more blooms throughout the summer. Why did I say that they are indispensable in a flower-cutting garden? It is the duration in the water.

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