The beauty of fall, Chrysanthemums

What can make our garden happy when autumn begins to make its presence felt?

None other than Chrysanthemums or how everyone knows their smoky mums! These are flowers that first appeared in China, being associated with the power of life. Their color palette is boundless, from my light colors to those he closed.

There are also different shapes, textures that these beautiful flowers can have.

As I said, they appear in autumn, being resistant to lower temperatures, and are indispensable in the gardens of flower lovers.

As the summer flower season is over, these flowers beautify our garden until winter really sets in. We can even make floral arrangements with them, and so we will decorate our house.

How do we grow chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemums are very easy to grow. As we well know, towards the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, these plants begin to make their presence felt in florists, nurseries, or specialty stores. How can we resist their beauty? Of course, we will buy to plant in our garden. Once we have them, we plant them in the garden.

 We need to keep a few things in mind:

1. The breed we choose must be resistant in which area we live, to enjoy it for years

2. The soil must have adequate drainage. Most chrysanthemums adapt to all soil types

3. The sun plays an important role. What flower blooms if it does not have sun?

4. As with any plant, fertilizer plays an important role. It must be administered in the spring to give the plant the seed to grow as beautiful as possible.

5. Another essential thing is their planting, which must be done with a certain space between them, because it is known they grow a lot, and then it needs air, to avoid suffocating them.

To enjoy a  beautiful crown is necessary to pinch them when the flower reaches 15 cm in height. This procedure also prevents premature flowering.

Going through these stages, we will finally enjoy an explosion of color in our garden in autumn.

The most common chrysanthemums:

• Anemone is that chrysanthemum whose flowers have a single disc center, with smaller petals along the outer edge. On the outer edge ends with larger petals than those in the center. It is very flat in shades of purple.

• Spider mums are increasingly known and diverse. As they are the name, we realize that they differ from the others by their shape, which is very similar to a spider. The petals are very thin and elongated, offering an unparalleled image of these flowers.

• ‘Ruby Mound’ Cushion Mum

It is a dwarf chrysanthemum, which does not have large heights. It is mainly developing laterally. As its name suggests, it has a red color. It is a bold choice that you can make by planting this variety; this chrysanthemum gives a little color to your garden.

• Incurve Mums

Curved chrysanthemums are those chrysanthemums that grow taller, and also, their flowers are very rich, curving inward, unlike Ruby Mound’s- Cushion Mum. They often have larger heads and irregular petals, giving them a less uniform, sometimes fluffy appearance.

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