Geranium Flowers- Care in the cold season

The first flowers which I saw for the first time were geraniums. They surrounded me as a child, and I can say that my great love for flowers began thanks to them.

I still remember how my grandmother treated her with so much love and attention. Thanks to her, I started to love flowers. When I looked at her carefully, she took care of her beautiful geraniums; you couldn’t help but want to do the same. When I got to my grandmother’s house, the first flowers that greeted me were geraniums. How they were all lined up, of all colors, and so cute were their dishes. Everything was something authentic! Grandma taught me how to take care of geraniums all year round. Even if grandma is gone, her geraniums stay there, vivid memory that will always make me think of her every time.

These flowers have been my legacy, and it was my duty to continue to take care of them, to make them thrive, knowing that someone up there will guide me all the steps to succeed.

One of the most beautiful things is, if you don’t already know, that they are perennials, meaning we can have them for a very long time if we take care of them.

Geraniums are those plants that are very tolerant, known, and loved by many because they do not require much attention from people, which makes us confident to plant as many as possible.

Once the cold season begins to make its presence felt, we must prepare the geraniums and find a place to store them to survive until the next warm season.

Some rules to help us keep geraniums alive in the cold season:

  •           Given that we are in the cold season, geraniums must be prepared for this period. They must be cut so that in the autumn-winter period, they can rest, so they must make the cut between two and four knots. In the end, the height should be about 10 cm.
  •            must stop fertilization
  •           When the plant is younger, it should not cut it drastically, and for the old one, the pruning is done precisely to rejuvenate the plant and have balanced growth.
  •            should place geraniums  in a bright room, and the temperature should be between 10-15 degrees
  •           the watering should be done as rarely as possible, preferably once a month

Now, I come up with a question, what are we going to store geraniums on?

Very simple! We need shelves with as many floors as possible to fit as many flowers as possible. There are several options, either we buy them ready-made from construction stores, or we make them ourselves to adjust them according to the space. I give you a little more advice, the height between the shelves should be as high as possible because most geraniums will grow in stature until spring.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of geraniums in the warm season, don’t forget to consider these little rules, and I am sure you will have success.

I’ll tell you a little trick to keep geraniums out longer. If you have a closed greenhouse, even if it’s not heated, we can keep the geraniums there until the temperatures drop more drastically. This way we will enjoy the flowers that it gives us a little more.

I hope that my article will help you keep your geraniums alive and enjoy them next year. Good luck!

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