7 Spring-flowering bulbs you should have in your garden
  1. Tulips

Tulips are by far those bulbs that should not be missing from any garden. Being some of the most popular spring flowers, they amaze us with the variety of varieties they have and their distinctive color. We plant tulip bulbs in the fall to enjoy the beauty of the flowers that will produce in spring, more precisely in the months of April-May. When growing them, we must consider the heights that each species can reach to create asymmetry in our garden. Do not hesitate to plant tulips if you want a refined garden that will entice us with unique smells.  

2. Daffodils

Daffodils are also very common in spring and should plant Daffodil bulbs in the fall to enjoy the beauty of spring flowers. From the smallest to the tallest varieties, we want eyes with their unique colors, and their scent is a breath of fresh air. There are dwarf varieties that can plant near borders or in front of taller plants to be highlighted, and tall varieties grown to make a bed of daffodils to give a fantastic picture of our garden. Plant daffodils so you can enjoy them both in the garden and at home through various bouquets.

3. Snowdrops

Snowballs could not be missing in any garden. A symbol of purity and the revival of nature, snowdrops introduce us to a festive atmosphere. Which holiday? The coming of spring!

They must plant in the fall, and we find them in different varieties. The snowdrop bulbs are not very pretentious; they can be grown in more shady and shady places.

4. Hyacinths

If we want to have a unique scent in the spring garden, we must plant hyacinths. Nothing compares to the enticing aroma produced by hyacinth bulbs planted in autumn. These flowers do not have very high heights, so they should bury them preferably be on the edges of gardens, curbs, or even in pots.

If you want to feel a particular smell of these beautiful plants in your home, do not hesitate to bring them. I guarantee you will no longer need a room air freshener.

5. Crocus

 Other bulbs that we can plant in the fall to enjoy in the spring are crocus.. These tiny flowers are an explosion of color in our garden that attracts a lot of bumblebees due to the valuable pollen they provide. To create a beautiful ensemble, it would be best to plant crocuses in groups or columns.

If we have large lawn surfaces in our garden, planting crocuses bulbs is ideal because those are the flowers that will not harm them, but on the other way, they will provide a colored plain every spring.

6. Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)

The arrival of spring must also be marked by these delicate flowers called Muscari. I would see these flowers planted with trees somewhere in a mountainous area, forming hooping circles around them and attracting as many wild animals as possible. We often see them in purple, but there are also white and pink. They are not pretentious and grow in abundance; they multiply very quickly. You can combine them with other spring bulbs, creating an excellent colored carpet at the end.

7. Lily of the Valley

Even if we have some more shady and secluded areas of our garden, that doesn’t mean we won’t have anything to plant there. How can we bring these places to life?

Through the lily of the valley, this is the answer. It is known that they love shadier places and secluded with wetter soils. These flowers are of an indescribable delicacy. The white and green carpet that the lily of the valley forms and their unique scent is the one thing you need to feel better when you go out in the spring to take a breather in your garden.

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